Honored To Meet The Brave And Courageous Lady!!
Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage III at the age of 32, this strong and courageous lady decided to fight it head-on. One of the most [...]
Kerala Shows The Way In Kidney Donations
What a wonderful initiative by Kerala? Time to learn from other states and implement them.... Considered a medical wonder, Father Paul [...]
Make this Sunday a memorable one for any cancer survivor you know!!
First Sunday of June is celebrated as National Cancer Survivor's Day. Let us do something special for all the Braveheart's who survived to [...]
Mumbai Teen Saved 3 Lives After Dying
Yet another case of bravery and courage showed by the family Kejal Pandey, a 16-year-old girl, is now Mumbai’s first minor to donate [...]
World No Tobacco Day – A short Movie!!
Say NO to passive smoking; don't do it for anyone else but do it for yourself. See the story of Mrs. Nalini Satyanarayana who suffered [...]
June is Men’s Health Month
Let us pledge to spread the message of health to all the men in our life be it your father, grandfather, husband, boyfriend, uncle, [...]
Honored To Be A Part Of NGO Excellence Program!
Honored to be a part of the discussion panel of the NGO Excellence Program held in Mumbai. A big thanks to SP Jain Mumbai and Novartis [...]
Don’t You Think It’s High Time, We Should Act Now?
INDIA WILL SEE AN ESTIMATED 1.45 MILLION NEW CANCER CASES IN 2016 ALONE, killing 736,000 of the patients as barely 12.5% of those suffering [...]
Country Gets Its First Organ Transplant Guide!
Gurgaon resident Anika Parashar has created the country’s first organ transplant guide to help patients seeking an organ donor with [...]
Dying Youth Donates Organ To 4 People
If they can do it why can't we? As I mentioned before Indians do not accept brain dead and always wait till the heartbeat stops, however, a [...]
Things To Know About Organ Donation!
1. Most common misconception is that organs can be donated by anyone after their death. That is not true. 2. Brain death is NOT coma. Coma [...]
April Is National Donate Life Month
SOME TRUE FACTS AND SHOCKING STATS ABOUT ORGAN DONATION RATE IN INDIA: Indians are not only bad organ donors but also averse to [...]