Biker’s Day Out For A Noble Cause
Delhi Superbikers rode across Delhi to spread the awareness of Cancer. A big thanks to the Indian Cancer Society for conducting the event [...]
Income Tax Exemptions For Cancer Patients In India
Income Tax exemptions for Cancer Patients: Please share Section 80DDB Rule 11DD - Deduction up to INR 40,000 w.r.t. payment for [...]
March Is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month
Your kidneys are bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist. They are located near the middle of your back, just below the rib [...]
Week 1 KCA Tip: Drink Plenty of Water
So guys it is March first week and it is time for Week 1 tip; it is a simplest of the tips and easiest to follow - Drink plenty of water so [...]
RokoCancer Organized A Cancer Support Group Meet
Such an honour to meet all the cancer survivors who met under a one roof and share their views and experiences. A big thanks to Le Flamingo [...]
CanSupport Organizes Walk For Life For Cancer Survivors
CanSupport organized another Walk for Life for Cancer Survivors. Such an honor to meet Mrs. Harmala Gupta founder of CanSupport once again [...]
Big Thanks To CACI For Inviting Me To The Cancer Awareness Program
I would like to extend my gratitude once again to Cancer Care India for inviting me as a motivational speaker in the Cancer Awareness [...]
Big Thanks To Pinkathon For This Wonderful Initiative!!
Running with visually impaired girls was not only fun but was a great learning experience. The girls are so sharp and intelligent and could [...]
Every Girl Needs Her Pinkathon!!
Someone once said blindness is not a disability or a defect but a characteristic; It is so True isn't it? Thanks to Pinkathon for this [...]
I Pledged To Donate My Organs, Did You?
It is simple just fill up a form and send it and you can be a part of the noble cause. I have hard copies of the form so you can collect [...]
CanSupport Soon To Start Cancer Support Groups
Cansupport held there Annual Review Meeting last week. It was indeed a pleasure having a word with Mrs Harmala Gupta and other founders of [...]