From Cancer And Back To Cricket Field

It was such a great feeling that 333 days after the surgery I was back on the cricket field playing my first match post-cancer in a corporate tournament. More importantly, it was really good since I was back amongst the runs as well. Above is the glimpse of a cover drive I played during my stay at the crease and I remained unbeaten. Sometimes I feel the time flies so quickly; it was last year in Feb (4 days after played my last cricket match on Feb 22 2014) when I was detected with cancer and went through a life-saving surgery in March. I think it has been people like Yuvraj and Lance Armstrong who were always in my mind while passing through this phase and who were always my source of motivation and inspired me to go back all the sports activities I have been doing throughout my life.
Hitting the running track was my first step and now being back on the cricket field is the next and I am sure there are many more to come…

Eat Healthy, Stay Fit and Be Blessed!!

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