Honored To Meet The Brave And Courageous Lady!!

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage III at the age of 32, this strong and courageous lady decided to fight it head-on. One of the most beautiful persons I met yesterday, Dimple Bawa first fought cancer herself and now helps others fights the same.

Each one of us who survived cancer had our own ways of behaving and tackling through the phase of detection, during treatment, post-surgery (in some cases) and post-treatment. She has undergone six cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery and 25 sessions of radiation.

I was so amazed to hear her point of view when she treated her surgery days and stay in the hospital as a mere holiday, she bought a new dress for the day when she would be discharged, to feel pampered she carried her foot cream, hand cream and what not; I believe girls can comment more since what I mentioned as a part of girl’s list is just a tip of the iceberg.

The best part of meeting her was the confidence with which she carried herself, it is never easy for a young lady to go through a mastectomy but she didn’t let that bother her much and realized life is much bigger and hence started Cheers to Life Foundation. Needless to say, she is doing a great job in counselling and helping people who are going through this deadly phase of cancer.

Dimple; it was a pleasure meeting you and it is good to know that people like you who always give hope selflessly to other people still exist and we all can make a difference to life of a few people who do not have support and means to fight cancer.

Eat Healthy, Be Fit and Stay Blessed.

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